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4 Dog Friendly Beaches in North Wales

Now that the British summer is in full swing, and it is our absolute favourite time (like many) is to head to the beach and enjoy the sunshine. I once heard a fact that from any point in the UK, you are never more than 2 1/2 hours from the coast, which I think is simply marvellous.

If you are planning a summer adventure to North Wales, here are our favourite – dog tested and approved beaches – in the area.

For us, our favourite dog friendly beaches need to meet a few points:

  1. Sand rather than rocks – For Freddy to run and play, without hurting his paws, we need a nice sandy beach where he can really run.  Rocks just won’t do.
  2. Dog Area of Beach – We want to be respectful dog owners, so we like visiting beaches where we know dogs are allowed.   That way it’s easy for us to go on a long walk without worrying about being in the right area or not.
  3. Lead/Leash Free Areas – Even better is when the beaches allow dogs to be without a leash or a lead on the beach.  For us, the idea of visiting a beach with Freddy is to give him a nice day out of playing, and that’s hardly any fun on a leash.

With that, here are a few of our favourite dog friendly beaches along the coastline here in North Wales.

Newbourgh Beach

This beach is truly a gem.  Newbourgh Beach has lovely stretches of sandy beaches, dunes for pups to play in and is surrounded by protected forests.  This is ideal for a beach day out, as the possibilities are truly endless.  During the summer, there is a dog-only section of the beach, which is clearly marked.  In the off-season, dogs are allowed along other paths including the ones to the chapel and lighthouse.

If you are planning on staying near (or on) the Isle of Anglesey, be sure to add Newbourgh Beach on a place to visit.

Black Rock Beach

We love visiting Black Rock Beach when we are looking to have a full day out beach day.  Black Rock is a beach where you can drive you vehicle directly onto the compact sand.  This allows for us to ‘set up camp’ with a gazebo, grill, camp chairs and more.  (Yeah, we are those people.)  And for Freddy? He loves this beach. The flat sand is perfect to run on, or play beach games (where he always referees).  There are also streams and tide pools, perfect for pups to play in if they don’t like the waves of the ocean. This beach is nestled in Snowdonia National Park, making the views absolutely incredible.

Talacare Beach

Talacrae Beach is a ‘classic’ beach here in North Wales.  With the stretches of sandy beaches, a lighthouse, and sand dunes with sea grass this is a lovely beach to visit on low tide.  We love packing a light picnic lunch, head through the sand dunes for a nice day out.  The beach is the perfect spot for Freddy to run, and get out his energy – no matter what time of the year it is!

Conwy Morfa Beach

We only ‘discovered’ this beach a few months ago, and we love it.  It is easily becoming one of our favourites.  This beach is nestled between Conwy and the Great Orme, and is a stunning stretch of sand – perfect for beach walks and letting Freddy have a run in the sand.  The even better part – this beach is almost never super busy even on sunny Saturday afternoons. (Keep that secret between us, okay?)

There are plenty of other beaches here in North Wales, but these are our favourite to take Freddy – and we love them too!

Before you travel, make sure to look up the beach you are wanting to visit – as rules change occasionally.  And of course, never leave your pup in the car that won’t do in the summer sunshine!

Tell me, do you have a favourite beach to take your pups?  What’s it like?

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