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What I Learned from 2016 and Gearing Up for 2017….

At the beginning of 2016, I declared that this would be my ‘Year of More‘:

More dancing in the kitchen. More stamps in the passport. More adventure and challenges. More staying up late watching shooting stars. More early mornings watching the sun rise. I want more memories. More reading in bed, more fresh air. More puppy snuggles and beach days out. More singing in the shower, more creative expression.

I want more.

More of standing up for myself. More investing in myself, more in believing in this journey called life.

More storytelling and more building positive energy. More taking on risks and stretch assignments.

More asking questions and staying curious and learning. More of what lights my fire. More of what inspires and keeps me hungry.

For the most part, 2016 was my Year of More, and as we close this year… I feel pretty good about how the last 365 rolled out for me.

This year, I was inspired to look at 2016 based on questions by the light-filled Danielle LaPorte who posed these simple questions:

What didn’t work?
What did work?
What were your highlights?
What would 2017 look like if it was filled with what worked?

I loved this prompt, so here we go….

What didn’t work?

Not standing up for myself or speak my mind …Sometimes when you are the happy go-lucky girl in the office you get the short end of the stick. I wish I hadn’t allowed myself to feel inferior or less than what I was capable of.
Second guessing myself… For a few months, I found myself wondering if I was good enough. I became lost in crappy thoughts with swirling doubt.

Justified stress and anxiety... My previous job had me waking up in the middle of night in panic attacks. I found myself walking with a burden of stress on my shoulders and in my heart. And the worse part? For months, I justified this stress as a ‘normal’ or being a good member of the team. Nope, nope nope.

What did work?

Not over planning too much… From booking a last minute trip to Rome or not over-planning our trip to Porto, we went with the flow this year (especially when it comes to traveling) And for this type-A girl, that is outside of my normal personality. But it all worked out okay. Better than okay, when we didn’t plan that was when the magic found us.

Following my instincts... Taking the leap, quitting my job and going for a completely new challenge was one of the best things I’ve done for myself in a while. It’s taken a few months to leave the stress behind, but I finally feel like I am myself again.

Aware …. Since I left my job earlier this year, I have become hyper aware of my feelings in situations, both at home and at work. I am reflecting and meditating more. I am thanking the universe more for the good stuff and people, that I encounter on a daily basis. I feel like I’ve been awakened when I stepped out and follow my instincts.

What were my highlights?

Having a magical encounter with wild Welsh ponies
Hearing the bells of St. Peter’s basilica in Rome, in the early morning
Countless sunrises and sunsets in Wales
Being completely awe inspired by Sistine Chapel
Savouring the views in Porto, along with the port and catching up with good friends
A personal tour in a distillery in Scotland with an individual tasting to follow
Showing off Wales to my parents and my sister
Marking 1 year in our home
Going to my first concert ever — to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Falling more in love with Neal as had more travelling adventures
Starting a new job
Visiting the ancient site of Stonehenge
Being invited to do a BBC Radio interview


What would 2017 look like if it was filled with what worked? 

It would be a year filled with empowerment, light and the magic of the unexpected. It would be filled with more clarity, and even a bit more peace. It would keep me challenged, on my toes, wanting more… growing and expanding…

With that in mind, I am looking at two phrases to center my 2017 around: ‘Seek the Light’ and ‘Find the Magic’.  (I’ve ordered a simple bracelet from Etsy with those phrases engraved on each side to remind me!)

Tell me, what would your 2017 look like if it was filled with what worked from 2016?

Wishing you my beloved reader, a magic and love filled start to 2017.  May the New Year bring you wonderful adventures and challenges and joy.


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