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Long Distance Lovin’ Advice

Long Distance Lovin' Advice

A LDR Flashback 

I have to admit, I am feeling so wonderfully happy and full during this unexcepted trip to America.  Catching up with friends and family, has been a highlight for sure. Of course, there is one part that makes my little expat heart just a bit sad: Neal wasn’t able to join me on this trip.

This 10-day trip is the longest that Neal and I will be separated since we were married May 2012. He is my daily partner in crime, and easily my best friend…

On the way to the Manchester Airport, I actually got emotionally overwhelmed, thinking how much I would miss having Neal by my side during this trip.

Then I realised how far we have come…

There was a point in our long distance relationship, when we said our goodbyes at the airport, it could be weeks or months before we saw each other again. Sure, it was tough but we handled it. I remember thinking in two time zones for the best time to catchup or have a call. Or using every app or form of technology to stay in touch.

During this little trip without Neal we will use all of our LDR tricks to say in touch. We’ve had calls twice a day: mornings for each of us, text, FaceTime sessions and Facebook messanger.  Essentially, while I have been traveling, I have been reminded of all the tricks and tools of the trade for staying in touch! Fortunately, it’s only a matter of days we will be apart rather than long drawn out weeks or months.

Tell me expat and LDR friends, what is your favorite piece of tech to staying in touch with friends, family or your LDR partner? I’d love to hear your faves!

I am off to enjoy some sunshine in Seattle!


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