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Musings from a Frenzied and Adventure Filled June

Taps microphone…

‘Is this thing on?’

Hi, friends. Belinda here, from this little corner of the internet.

It’s been a manic crazy month of June, but in all of the good ways. This includes three separate work trips to London and a promotion and title change. (Quite nerve racking and exciting in the same instant.) 

And even with the long days and trains zipping me from one corner of the country to the other, there has been wonderful moments.  With sunsets and strolls in gardens, beach days and visiting with ponies. I’ve spent my solo time in London randomly seeing Wicked and Kinky Boots, both incredible productions and fed my musical loving soul.

These little adventures have been so important for me to clear my head, and get into big open spaces.  And sometimes that means stepping away from the computer, just to get some space.

Hence the radio silence.

But I am still here, thinking of the stories I am excited to share … including recapping our incredible trip to Tuscany last month. (Sidenote: It makes my heart sad that our trip to Tuscany was a month ago!)

I thought what better way to wrap up June, and get caught up with life, than a lovely little currently session?

Reading: I am current;y reading Homo Deus, all about the future of humanity based on our past. It is fascinating, and a bit of a mind bender, but I am really enjoying it.

I’ve also recently finished Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, which is about growing up in South Africa during apartheid. This book was a perfect blend of humor and honesty that I really enjoyed, it was incredibly eye-opening.

What summer reads are you currently enjoying?

Watching: We’ve just finished Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, but we are loving the new show Riviera. (Not sure if it is on in America, but it is a bit like Big Little Lies but set in France.)

Loving: Seeing the allotment Neal has been working on for months finally come to life. We have spinach, and courgettes (or zucchinis to us Americans), kale, potatoes, berries and lavender. Not bad for our first year! (Now, what to do with all the courgettes — ideas welcome!)

Listening: The thoughtful and incredibly interesting podcast Revisionist History has recently started season 2, and I am excited to catchup! (Heck, I may re-listen to season 1 the episodes were that interesting.)

Wondering: Where we should go for a midsummer break? I am finally seeing the end of the chaotic tunnel, and it would be great to book a long weekend and unplug for a few days. Neal is voting for Scotland, and I am thinking of South Wales? We shall see.

Tell me, what was the highlight of June for you? What is on your horizon for July?



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