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Welcome to Found Love.  Now What?, I am thrilled to have you here.  If you are a new reader to my blog, here are some posts that may catch you up to speed about me, life as an expat, surviving a long distance relationship and being a new wife.   For all of our travel adventures in Europe, visit Our Travels page.  {Creative title, I know.}

Pour a glass of wine (or make a nice cup of tea) and welcome to Found Love!  I am so happy to have you here…

To get you started, I invite you to read a heartfelt letter to my readers.

About Me & What Makes Me Tick

You Should Know…

5 Years from Now

What Makes Me Happy

A Few of My Fears

My Life Story in 250 Words

Getting Real on a Saturday Morning

Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Lessons I Learned in Paris

My Love for Gonzaga Basketball

First Comes Love

Have a Little Faith in Me


Being an Expat

Filled to the Brim with Life’s Good “Stuff”

Expat Evolution: Tough to Gauge & Impossible to Avoid

I Have Confidence!?!

Tackling Homesickness

Handling Your First Week Abroad as an Expat

Expat Blues Triggered by Wedding Anniversary

Here’s What I Miss…

The Big Move to the UK


Being a Brave Expat

My Visa Process to the UK

An Honest Expat Moment

Using Previous Life Lessons Now as an Expat


Marriage Musings

The Randomness of Life & Love

Moments Worthy of a Real-Life Romantic Comedy

What Glastonbury Taught Me About My Husband

Letting Go of Expectations

Sometimes I am a Crappy Wife

Being a Cheerleader 

All About Perspective

Throw Out the Picture of Perfection 

Saying “Thank You”


Long Distance Relationships

Advice on Long Distance Relationships {Vlog #1}

An Open Letter to My Husband

Long Distance Love: Taking a Leap of Faith

 What I Loved About Being in a Long Distance Relationship

What I Hated About Being in a Long Distance Relationship