About Me

My heart is happy to have you here, in my little blogging space.  My name is Belinda, and allow me to tell you a little bit about what drives me and what I sincerely believe in.

I believe in dancing often and laughing even more, in taking on the world with outstretch arms, in strong cups of coffee and fresh clean sheets. I believe that puppy snuggles are the best way to begin and end my day, that elephants must be protected and animals are kindred souls. I believe in the generous power of the human spirit, and that adding positive energy into the world is simply good karma.

I believe in quitting your job, getting married and then moving 5,000 miles away, all in the name of love.  I believe in living life with curiosity and excitement and awe.  I believe in having a grateful and humble heart, to constantly give gratitude for the good stuff in life. I believe that stamps in a passport open our eyes and broaden our horizons.

I believe that each of us has a story to tell.  Our own personal story filled with victory and sadness, triumph and heartache.  And this blog is my attempt to document my life story, and I invite you to join along.

Above all else, I believe in the equalizing power of love. Earth shaking.  Mountain moving.  Peace creating.  Heart warming.  Spirit filling… L-O-V-E.

That is a bit about me and what makes me tick.  My blog is constantly evolving and growing, but my core beliefs are always true.  Know that I love having you here and I invited you to stick around awhile so we can become positive juju life lovin’ friends.  {how does that sound?}

If you would like to read a few of my favorite posts to learn about me even more,  hop on over to my “New Reader” page.