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An Evening Stroll by the Copenhagen Harbour

During our stay in Copenhagen, we were in the neighbourhood of Østerbro, which made for a perfect starting point for an evening stroll along the harbour.  We headed first to the famous Little Mermaid Statue.  And I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what I was expecting – but it was fairly underwhelming.  (Box ticked – glad we saw her – but won’t need to visit again on a future trip.)
From the Little Mermaid Statue, we kept walking through the park along the pier to the harbour bus stop. (With our 72 hour transport pass, the harbour bus was included in the fares – better than paying for a separate boat cruise.) 
We hopped on the harbour bus, right at sunset which gave us some lovely and picturesque views.  It gave us such a pretty perspective of the city that has so much of its history on the water.  As it was a sunny evening, we saw Danes out on kayaks, speed boats and sail boats enjoying the early summer weather.
Got off at the Nyhavn Harbor stop, perfect way to take in the evening light in that beautiful Harbor.  The light was absolutely perfect as we strolled through the Harbor.  On our way back through the Latin Quarter, we stopped for gelato and coffees – snuggled under blankets provided by the cafe. 
Here was the route we took for our evening stroll:
The great thing about Copenhagen is that the city centre is so compact, making it easy to explore in a  short period of time. We had such an enchanting evening in Copenhagen! 

Have you had an evening stroll in Copenhagen – what was a highlight for you?


PS- Photo credit for many of these images goes to Neal.  Be sure to follow him on Instagram, he takes lovely photos of our adventures! 

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