Wild & Wondrous Wales

A Walk Along the Coastline of Llŷn Peninsula in North Wales

Easily, one of my favourite things about calling Wales home, is how close we are to spectacular examples of Mother Nature at her finest. This can be from beautiful stretches of beaches to grand mountain views.

Having this on our doorstep, allows us to go on unplanned and unexcepted adventures.

When my sister was visiting us in the early part of May, we found ourselves near Criccitech, and the Llŷn Peninsula where the rolling hillsides are sandwiched between rugged coastline on both sides.

Friends, this area of Wales is an absolute beaut. Really.

The day was sunny, and as we drove along the single country lane we spotted a sign for a National Trust path – which had us stop to see what the walk entailed.

From the map, it seemed to be a quick 45 minute walk along the coast so we decided to give it a try.

With the path right along the coastline, and with the beautiful spring sunshine, there was a feeling like we were in a sunny tropical location like Maui, rather than walking along the coastline of Wales.

I mean, just look at these incredible views:

The entire coastline of Wales is accessible via one continuous walking path – making it the perfect way to explore some off the beaten path locations and getting some beautiful views. (Top tip: Keep that in mind if you are planning an adventure in Wales!)

Having access to the beautiful landscapes like this walk has been such a powerful and calming presence for me –I find that when I am able to escape from my modern day screens and alerts for a few hours, my brain calms down and I feel so much more balanced.

Tell me friends, when was the last time you when on a random adventure that surprised you? Where did it take you?

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