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A Tour Around Rosenborg Castle in Copenhagen

Hi friends! I am excited to be sharing some of our adventures that we had in the beautiful city of Copenhagen – drop me a note if you have any questions about visiting this fantastic spot – it may inspire future blog posts! 

During our weekend visit to Copenhagen, one of our first stops was visiting Rosenberg Castle, home to the crown jewels as well as over 400 hundred years of Danish history.

The Rosenberg Castle is in the heart of central Copenhagen, and rings royal history from every angle. The castle was first constructed all the way back in the 1600’s and much of the history has been wonderfully preserved throughout the castle.

As we went through the castle, one beautiful detail that was a constant was that most of the rooms had incredible tapestries.   Then it dawned on me – this would have been insulation for those cold winters in Denmark hundreds of years ago. (A beautiful way to keep the  cold air out – I’d have to say!)  I was was so impressed by the scale and detail of the tapestries, it is tough to even describe. Most covered the entire length and height of the walls, and were incredible images telling entire stories in the tapestry.

Towards the end of the tour you are greeted with the imposing Great Hall. With checkerboard floors, regal thrones, it felt like we were in a scene from a movie or a fairy tale.

As you walked through the castle, and even surrounded by works of art and antiques – view out the windows kept grabbing my attention.  I imagined the royal family, house guest or the servants having the same idyllic view and I could see how this castle was favoured by the Danish royalty for hundreds of years.

At the end of the visit, you get the chance to view the Crown Jewels,, up close and personal. There were four different sets with emeralds, rubies, pearls and diamonds.  My heart skipped a beat when I saw the crowns – they were stunning!  

Book your ticket in advance,  to avoid standing in line, but grab a map before you head into the castle.

Have you been to Rosenberg Castle?  What did you think?

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