Musings on Marriage

Lessons on Marriage on Our 6th Anniversary

Saturday marks our 6th anniversary, which I thought would be fitting to share a few musings and lessons learned from our 6 years of marriage:

It isn’t Always Pretty or Perfect

This shouldn’t be a big surprise, but our wedding day is the only day when I’ve rocked a ball gown.  Our wedding day was beautiful, but it doesn’t represent what a ‘real life’ day to day relationship requires – hardwork and patience.  Right now,  I have laundry to fold, dirty dishes in the sink and vacuuming to do (aka – adult life) – and that’s the reality.  But working together through life’s frustrations or challenges makes it all worth it.

Love the Everyday

With that in mind, it is so important to love the everyday moments in marriage.  When we were apart, I all I wanted was to have a lifetime of everydays with Neal – and that is what we have.  As silly as it sounds, I love a simple task as heading to the grocery store or having a good Netflix session with Neal.

Laughter is Key

Since life isn’t always fun, and there can be masses amounts of stress, I find that having laughter – constant big laughter – with Neal is key to our marriage.  We are finding little ways to make each other laugh, all the time, which is exactly what I envisioned marriage to be: a fun lifelong partnership.   Neal has grown to become my closest confidante, my best friend who knows how to turn any frustrating situation into a funny one with a bit of humor.

Creating Memories is Foundation

I remember when Neal and I first met, we would talk for hours on the phone about the adventures we would take all around Europe.  It seemed like a far-flung dream at the time, but now it is a wonderful reality.  We love traveling together, exploring new places and creating new memories together.  It becomes this incredible foundation that we can build on – with funny stories of mistakes and mishaps – that we look back on with a smile.  (Like getting lost in Iceland or ordering two soups for dinner in Paris – we bring these stories up like a funny inside joke, just for the two of us. (In the true spirit of creating memories, we are heading off to Copenhagen for the weekend to celebrate our anniversary!)

And if it’s your thing, I will also be sharing much more of a sweetheart post in the next day or so.

What’s one of your favorite lessons from a relationship that you’d share? 

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