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Lessons from Iceland

I can hardly believe that it has been a week since we returned from our adventure in Iceland.  I can hardly believe it, as the this trip was overwhelming in the best possible way.  In fact, it was the most affirming trip we’ve taken in all of our adventures.

You see, when we were planning our trip to Iceland for my birthday, I wanted to visit a place that would inspire me into my next year.  A trip that would give me the motivation and energy to take on those big goals I have for my 36th year.

We began our adventures with guide books and a paper map in hand, with little expectations and a general idea of where we’d be heading.  As the landscape unfolded around us, I quickly found myself understanding the appeal and general charm of Iceland. This country, with waterfalls and wild ponies, with geysers and volcanoes – is captivating at every single mile point on the road.

I found the landscape difficult to comprehend, and keep to scale, as buildings and landmarks are far and few between.  The landmarks of Iceland is the landscape itself.

And as we drove along the ribbon of the road, I began thinking of the epic history of this landscape – of this country: the home of the Vikings. And how this small, remote and distant island, was at the heart of the Viking saga.  How the mountains and streams and valleys were there a thousand years before I joined the planet, and how they will exist after I die. (Big thoughts for a road trip, don’t you think?)

As we drove, I felt empowered to feel strong and humbled at scale of it all.


Iceland gave me a beautiful sense of perspective.


Perspective to remember that my problems and anxieties are relatively small.  Perspective on how big the world is and how small my place is in this vast place.

Also, during our trip I found myself pushing myself outside of my comfort zone – getting past the fear.  From hiking up slippery rocks at a waterfall to strolling along the rocks of a volcanic crater.  From going to a public swimming pool (requiring me to shower in front of strangers in my real birthday suit) to going down a water slide (silly fear I know, but the first time in over 25 years.)

Iceland gave me the inspiration to continue to go beyond the fear in all aspects of life and see where the adventures take me. 

And you know what I realised when we go beyond the fear? That is where the good stuff is – joy and love and adventure. When we move beyond the fear in our own mind, and we are able to go beyond, we remind ourselves of what we are made of – and we experience more.  Beyond the fear is where memories are made.

I was wonderfully inspired by all the Iceland had to offer.  I loved feeling so grounded in such big country.

Here’s to greeting this upcoming year with perspective and fearlessness!

Tell me, where is a place where you found yourself inspired  and learning a lesson or two?

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  • I LOVE your big road trip thoughts and how some trips really do change our lives. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip, should you decide to share more stories 🙂

    • One of the reasons why I love road trips, is how it can give us such amazing lessons and perspectives. I hope I can get my writing act together and share more stories from Iceland! Keep those eyes peeled! 😉

  • I love this so much and so much of this is how I always feel in Iceland. We first went 5+ years ago and we’ve gone back almost every year since because there is something about Iceland that just draws you back in over and over again. And every time we go, I walk away with so many new lessons!

    • Iceland left me wonderfully speechless Casey! As we drove around the country, I absolutely understood how it is captivating and so many people fall in love with Iceland. I was mesmerised by the beauty and the drama… We can’t wait to return! 🙂

  • This post is so nice to read, I love it when travel enriches people. Iceland did this for me too, I just felt so small in the grandeur of it all. It was incredible!

    • Ah, thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post. With each turn, I was inspired by the scale and beauty of it all. Can’t wait to return for the midnight summer sun!

  • I have never been to Iceland, but it is on my bucket list, so hopefully one day!

  • Those are such important lessons! I had this going to Chile and seeing the mountains, the grandiosity of it all made me feel those things too!