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A Dog Friendly Walk Through the Hills of Snowdonia

A few weeks ago, I bought a book with dog friendly walks in Snowdonia.   You’d think that all walks and trails are dog-friendly, but here in the UK, many times paths have gates or stiles that are difficult for pups to pass through.  I wanted to get a book that would act as a guide for walks in around Snowdonia National Park, here in North Wales.

What better time to explore a new area than in August? When the days are long and hopefully the sun is shining?

Last Sunday, we headed to LLyn Owrgen in the heart of Snowdonia National Park, which is the start of the trail called ‘Devil’s Kitchen’.  At the start of the trail there is a visitor’s centre, with a small cafe and public restrooms.

I was surprised that the majority of the path had large stones in the path – ideal for preventing it from been too muddy. I was also surprised at how busy the path was! But, it was a sunny Sunday in August, so everyone was out for the day.


The trail starts at a nice incline to begin with, but you are quickly taken into the hills and are surrounded by peaks of the mountains.  It was awe-inspiring.   The heather was in full bloom, dotting the green grass with old pops of purple and fuschia.

After a 20 minute walk, we arrived at Llyn Idwal, perfect spot to have a picnic and enjoy the sunshine.  The lake was the ideal depth for Freddy to play in (normally, he isn’t a big fan of the water.) We could have continued around the perimeter of the lake, but we opted to come back another day to finish the loop — as we got a much later start than we had originally hoped for.

This is my ‘Holy shit, this city girl is really an outdoor girl because I just strolled through the hills of a mountain. How did that happen?!?’


This was the first time that we have taken a short hike through the hills of Snowdonia, and it was a beautiful day out.  We got very lucky: the sun was shining, the heather was in bloom and the path wasn’t too muddy.  Now that we have successfully completed that first walk from the book, I am excited to try others…and when I do I will share them here on the blog!

Happy adventures friends!

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