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An Afternoon at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence Italy

Visiting the Uffizi Gallery was a top priority when we visited Florence, especially since the museum is home to the world famous Botteicelli paintings.  The Uffizi Gallery is housed in the administrative offices of the Medici family, and the building itself is grand with sweeping staircases and beautiful details painted on the ceiling.  It’s not very often the museum feels like a work of art, but in Uffizi — it’s true.

Before entering the museum, I opted to buy one of the guidebooks which had descriptions of each work of art – painting, sculpture, fresco and more. There was also the option for an audio guide, I liked the idea of having a little souvenir from the visit.

The first halls within the Uffizi features Byzantine art from the 13th century, with bold colours and bright gold gilding I was immediately in awe that the paintings I was looking at could easily be over 700 years old. (It’s a bit mind boggling, don’t you think?)

Then we arrived into Halls 10-14 featuring the works of the great master Botticelli.  On one wall, ‘The Spring’, took centre stage and the other wall was the ‘Birth of Venus’ and both paintings were breathtaking.  ‘The Spring’ beautifully dominated an entire wall, measuring 6ft by 10ft, a truly staggering piece of art. The level of detail, on a painting of that size was incredible, each left and flower perfectly created.

After marveling at ‘The Spring’, we moved to the icon ‘Birth of Venus’, and let me tell you … she was amazing.  Now, I have seen the ‘Birth of Venus’ on posters, in art books, on magnets and in movies… but seeing this masterpiece in person gave me goosebumps. Over 600 years ago, Botticelli painted Venus with such reverence for the real-female form.   She had curves for days, radiating a beautiful sense of beauty and peace.  I wanted to stay there for the rest of the afternoon soaking up her energy.

As we moved on through the Uffizi, the one thing was most surprised by was the bold sense of colour.  Many of the paintings were viewing were easily 500 years old, and the colour pigments were vibrant and multidimensional.

The Uffizi Gallery is world renowned for being one of the best collections of Renaissance paintings in the world, and as you move from hall to hall this becomes clear quickly.  We spent about 2 1/2 hours strolling through the gallery, which felt like enough time but we could have easily spent more time there as well.

Tell me, have you ever visited the Uffizi Gallery in Florence?  What did you think?

Know Before You Go:

  • Pre-Booking tickets is a must – As one of the most popular museums in Florence, booking tickets is key to avoiding standing long lines. We booked our museum ticket here.
  • Book your tickets early in the day – The museum works on a one out, one in system so space is limited  for the number of guests who can visit at any time. Having a timed entry for earlier in the day should help with reducing the wait time (hopefully).
  • Grab a Coffee (or Wine) with a View– As you explore through the Uffizi Gallery, you will come across a rooftop cafe.  This is the perfect spot to take a bit of a break, grab a coffee and enjoy the views of the Duomo and Palazzo Vecchio.

 A view from the rooftop cafe, stunning right?

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