Pack the Suitcase & Go

Andiamo! We are Headed to Florence and Tuscany!

Ciao bellas!

Today Neal and I are heading to Florence followed by four days exploring Tuscany! This is a pretty special trip, as we are celebrating our 5 year (!) wedding anniversary on 26th May. When we got married five years ago, we didn’t have a honeymoon.  (Visas and international moves are expensive people!) With that in mind,  I always said that for our five year anniversary, I wanted to take a memorable trip and I think a trip to Tuscany will be just perfect.

We are planning on enjoying the major sights of Florence, then renting a car for drives through the Chianti region, Siena, San Gimignano.

I am hoping for beautiful sights, incredible food, cheap wine and stunning vistas.  Also, I am 100% expecting us to get lost on more than one occasion! (But that makes it an adventure, right?) 

Of course, I will be sharing our adventures on Instagram, so feel free to follow along!

Have a wonderful week friends!



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