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Snapshots of Wales: A Magical Sunset of the Great Orme, North Wales

Scrolling through my iPhone realised that I easily have over 5,000 photos from our adventures in Wales, and I only share a fraction on Instagram and even less here on the blog. I thought it would be fun to share one snapshot per week, with a quick little story behind the image. It will help me to share more of my favorite off-the-beaten path places of Wales. Hope you enjoy!


There is something magical about a sunset, don’t you think?

In a single instant, we are reminded how big the world is…. how connected we are to one another and how each day is limited to 24 hours. And really, sunsets are simply stunning. I love watching the colours change in a beautiful ombre across the sky.

Watching a simple sunset has the power to make me feel small yet empowered, all in the same moment. And that is a pretty amazing combination. Humble while feeling elevated.

A few weeks ago we were lucky to experience a magnificant sunset from the view of the Great Orme, something we’ve never experienced before. (What made it even better was our incredible fish and chip dinner, to accompany the show of the perfect sunset!)Β 

The colours were so bright and vivid, I found myself inspired when we made our way back home.

Now that summer has finally arrived, I am looking forward to catching more memorable sunsets!

Tell me friends, when was the last time you experienced a sunset?


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