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Six Things About Me – Revisited

When I first really started blogging, way back in 2012(!), it was before blogging became a business and instead it was about telling stories and connecting with readers and fellow bloggers.  You grew a community with other bloggers through with linkups and guest posts simply hoping for exposure rather than a financial incentive. One linkup was ‘Six Things About Me’ which I loved writing, and sharing about with my readers.  Recently, the lovely Selena revisited her posted and I was inspired to do the same. (I even borrowed her questions, as I thought they were great.) Want to compare with my post from 2013? You can read it here.

1. Why I blog and how my blog came about.
Neal and I were in a long distance relationship for about 18 months before I move to Wales. (You can read about our story, and how we met, here.) I’ve always held onto this little corner of the internet, to tell my expat story because when I first moved here I felt so incredibly isolated. By writing and sharing my story, I connected to bloggers in corners all of the world. Now, I hope to inspire others to get out and find everyday adventures… big and small.

2. What I am most proud of.
When I moved to the UK 5 years ago, I was taking a massive leap of faith: I quit my job, I left my apartment, packed some suitcases and headed to Manchester with my new husband. I had no idea what to except, no idea how to handle myself or what the first year would look like. Now, I feel like I am thriving rather than just surviving. I feel like I am truly growing into my own, and establishing my true sense of who I am (and what I am capable of). I am incredibly proud of how I have handled the challenges of living abroad, and really made it my own.

3. The one goal I would like to accomplish before my next birthday.
I have an idea for a novella/novel swirling in my head, and I would love to get some pages (or dare I say chapters) written. Perhaps it could be my summer project?

4. Of the places I’ve lived, this is my favorite.
Right here in Wales. I have never before been in a place that has the ability to look so beautiful in every season or time of day. The people are authentic, the history has depth, the natural landscape is stuff of dreams. Even better is how I feel living in Wales…. I have this wonderful and overwhelming sense of calm. I feel more centered and grounded here, than any other place I’ve lived before.

(This doesn’t mean I don’t miss my friends and family in America, I truly do. I just wish the places were closer — or we could teleport like the Jetsons!)

5. This is what inspires me.
I am inspired by being pushed from my comfort-zone, visiting new countries, seeing works of art that I’ve only seen in books. (Viewing the Sistine Chapel brought me nearly to tears last year.) I am inspired by long chats with old friends or celebrating life milestones with the ones I love. I am inspired by church bells ringing or am sunsets and crashing waves and bumble bees finding pollen. The world is a beautiful place, and if we keep our eyes open we can find inspiration everywhere.

6. Something you’ve accomplished recently.
As some of you may know, I started a new job last August — in a new field and a new role. (I was terrified!) At first, I had no idea what anyone was talking about. My notebook was filled with more questions, than answers. And over the months, with a bunch of hard work, I find myself walking away from meetings nothing thinking that I barely made it through, but instead how I’ve of rocked it. That’s a good feeling friends.

Do you have an update or revisited ‘Six Things About Me’ post? I’d love to read it! Pop it in the comments below!

Have a wonderful day friends!


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