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Snapshots from Wales: Beautiful Rolling Green Hills

Scrolling through my iPhone realised that I easily have over 5,000 photos from our adventures in Wales, and I only share a fraction on Instagram and even less here on the blog. I thought it would be fun to share one snapshot per week, with a quick little story behind the image. It will help me to share more of my favorite off-the-beaten path places of Wales. Hope you enjoy!

I remember when I first moved to Wales, and during our drives through the countryside, how I simply marveled at the beautiful shades of green. I was mesmerized. The rolling hills and meadows, lined with hedges and trees, are simply picture perfect and are a constant in Wales.

5 years later, I am still in awe of the green landscape. Β In fact, I never knew how many different hues and shades of green there is in nature. Β (Pretty inspiring!)

This is a part of the UK where people travel to on their holidays for a bit of peace and quiet. To be inspired by grand views or unspoiled landscapes.

I am lucky that these views are a wonderful reality to our everyday adventures. Today’s featured snapshot was taken on a drive called the Panorama, where the views on a clear day seem endless and (as you can see) the cloudy days are wonderfully dramatic. This view is less than 20 minutes from our home, up winding roads and past grazing sheep (and lambs, depending on the time of year).

In fact, we always bring visitors from America to visit this little spot with us and the response is always a big, “Wow.”

Even though these green views and vistas are a commonplace in Wales, but it doesn’t make it an less special or breathtaking.

Explore on Your Own: You can reach the Panoramic Walk by heading to Llangollen (postcode LL20 8EA), via car by A539. Be prepared for narrow single lane country roads, and a real adventure!

Happy adventures friends!

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