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Lessons from Migrating 800+ Posts and 5 Years of Blogging History

Over the past week, including the Easter weekend, I discovered that the hosting for my blog was about to expire. As in less than 10 days. (Insert your choice expletive here.)

And there was a sinking feeling in me to renew my contract for 1 year or 2 years at about $250 when I haven’t really been blogging that much recently. Did I really want to keep blogging? Was it really worth it? I’ve been so quiet in the space over the past six months, that have I ran out things to talk about or share?

(Insert crickets here.)

Then, in true blogging fashion, I snapped out of it. Of course I didn’t want my blog to disappear into the vast depths of the internet.

I expressed my questions to Neal, who suggested we migrate my website to his hosting account where my blog can go on existing in a happy little place.

Yes! I didn’t want my hours and hours of writing to disappear into the vast depths of the internet.

The plan seemed simple: All I would have to do is export my blog’s XML of 5 years blogging history and over 800 posts, and re-upload the file in the new hosting environment. Then I’d install the plugins and themes, and away we go. Right?


I faced hiccup after hiccup when trying to complete my migration, and I was losing my will to live a bit. It was hours of error messages, and me trying to problem solve each one. It was a true labor of love (and possibility craziness).

But then something magical happened… my blog archives started to appear, as they were being uploaded. Posts I haven’t thought about for years were right there, front and centre, saying hello again like old friends. Posts from when I first moved to Wales, when I described my frustrations with my new life abroad or sharing my lessons on my international move. From when we were first married (like when I confessed to being a crappy wife), and adjusting to no longer being in Long Distance Relationship or   navigating a British workplace for the first  time.

Reading these posts brought me back 2, 3 even 4 years ago when I was embarking on a new journey– as an expat in Wales and as wife.  When I had more questions that answers, and was building a new life in every way possible.

I was reminded how far I have come, and how embracing change with laughter and grace can bring incredible challenges and opportunities.  And from the change and challenges, do we really find out what we are made of.

Reading these posts was like a trip down memory lane, and for that reason alone — I was happy to spend hours uploading files and getting the settings just right.

Documenting my story and our adventures, in this little corner of the world, has been an investment of time and love and for me to read a post about where I will be in 5 years (with only 1 year left) is amazing.

Also, as I was reading my archives, I realised why I wrote so many posts on positivity  over the past 2-3 years: simply because I desperately needed it myself.  I was in a high-stress working environment, carrying anxiety with panic attacks on a recurring basis. I was told to care less, to not bring it home after 5:30…to let it roll off of me.  That isn’t how I work — never has, never will be. And I should have listened to the voice inside me to value myself more, to cherish my heart, the joy of laughing out loud on a daily basis — and walked away sooner. (Hindsight is a beautiful thing, right?)

My mindset is a bit clearer now, the cobwebs and fog are finally getting lifted, and I am excited to return to my little space with full gusto and love. (Plus, I am laughing more and having more fun, which leads me down creative and inspired paths … always.)   I have more stories to tell, don’t worry friends, I’m not done sharing.  As I was going through my archive I was reminded of all times I told myself, “This would be great for the blog,” but never actually turned into a post.

And even if I am the only one to read these stories, I am so happy to take the time to document them so I can revisit them in the future.

Lesson learned — Write about what really makes you happy in life but pay attention to  the struggles too… it’s an important way to measure the journey. Be authentic.  Write what you’d read. And revisit those archives from time to time. 

So, stick around friends (old and new), I’d love to have you join me as I give this blog a little jump start she desperately deserves.

Have a beautiful day friends!


PS – After all of that work, the migration didn’t even go forward because of an issue transferring my domain.  (Argh!) Fingers crossed it will be easier process in a few months, when I attempt it again! 

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