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A Cliffside Stroll on the Isle of Anglesey

There is something perfect about a day without any plans. About a day without an real direction. For us, a few weeks ago, this lead us to one of our favorite places: Isle of Anglesey.

We originally headed out when the skies were beautiful blue, but as we drove along it started raining — a bit of a drizzle at first and then the rain really came. (And this is after 1 1/2 hours of driving.)

Instead of turning back, we kept driving hoping that the spring showers would stop and we’d get a break in the weather.

And luckily enough for us, when we arrived to the secluded beach — the rains stopped.

Wales has beautiful coastal paths at every turn, and the beach we visited, Cable Bay, had a pathway leading right to the cliffside of the shoreline.

By the end of our walk, my jeans were covered in mug, my hair was crazy from all the wind and my fingers were freezing —and it was exhilarating.

Wales has countless paths, leading of the most beautiful and remote places in the country.


And these stone walls? So swoon worthy, am I right?


If you are dreaming of a trip to Wales, I can’t recommend renting a car enough. Β This will allow to get off the beaten path, and explore the out of the way places that are truly special.



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