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Seek an Everyday Adventure

“Think of it as an everyday adventure.”

Hi friends. Is it really the end of February? How the hell did that happen? I mean really? I am excited to welcome March, and all the lovely things that symbolize spring. And for Wales, that means daffodils and baby lambs, lots and lots of them.

I also love welcoming spring, because it means more warm weather adventures are on the horizon. Since I moved to Wales nearly 5 years ago, I have come to realise that there are the big adventures — the week long road trips or passport accumulating trips. This trips are typically planned for weeks or months (or sometimes years) in advance to account for budgets or logistics.

But there are also the more quiet, and often overlooked, everyday adventures. Exploring a nearby town, taking the long way home, visiting a neighborhood or park that you’ve never stopped at. These are small little moments, but adventures all the same.

The everyday adventures are a way to explore something new, to see a new part of the world…even if it is close to your doorstep.

I am lucky that my everyday adventures take me in and around North Wales, to some of the most stunning landscapes I’ve seen.

Earlier this month we drove to Black Rock Sands beach, on the edge of Snowdonia National Park, and the drive there was so beautiful I made Neal stop more than once to take pictures. (Something he has gotten quite used to.)


Sure the winds were blowing, and it was freezing.. (It was a beach day in February after all.), but it was so nice to get out of the house and get caught up in crisp sea air.


Here’s to more everyday adventures this spring!


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  • Seeing everyday as an adventure is something you should never take for granted! Everyday brings something new and unknown, and that’s something to look forward too! X

    • Absolutely Kate, I completely agree with you! So many times those big trips are to far apart, it’s the everyday adventures that keeps life interesting! 🙂

  • Yes the everyday adventure!! This is how I make the most of my life in Scotland – little day trips or weekend trips, it’s the best! 🙂

    • It is seriously one of my favorite things about living here in Wales, driving with no plans and seeing where we end up. It’s so fun!

  • Love this!!

  • With all that natural beauty all around you, every day must seem like an adventure! Gorgeous!