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Being the Only Woman in the Boardroom

There was this moment today when I found myself as the only woman in the boardroom.

In 2017.

It was an odd moment that I had. The only woman, in a boardroom with male colleagues at my software technology firm.

In that second, I realized this, I thought of the other pioneering women who came before me. The women who were in male dominated boardrooms around the world, across industries and careers. The women who asked questions, delivered ideas and held their own.

I work in software technology, a world filled with technical skills that women may shy away from learning about…especially in school. It’s vital for girls to have access to STEM opportunities, to learn to code or developer or design or simply understand how the technical world works.

So thank you to the leading women who stood tall in those early boardrooms– you’ve paved the way. And now it’s important to for myself and other women who are in male dominated industries and fields, to give encouragement and mentorship to girls and young women embarking on their careers.

Here’s to the moments when we find ourselves being the only woman in the room, and staying true to our voice.


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