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Frustratingly Hopeful – An Expat Through the Looking Glass

When I was back in Seattle, I was able to meet up with our friends, Claire and Russell who we’ve known for years.  Moons ago, Russell and I actually had a podcast together and he still continues on with a new (more mature and thoughtful) podcast called Storycast.  While we were sitting there catching up, we started talking about the theme for his January podcast called ‘Through the Looking Glass’.   You know, how the world can feel just upside down and backwards and flip flopped.


(Anyone else feeling that way too?)  


As we were catching up I mentioned how crazy it has been to watch the negotiations for the UK leaving the EU as part of Brexit. After a bit, the executive decision was made to give me a mic and tell my expat/immigrant view of the story.


If you liked hearing my thoughts in the BBC Radio interview in November, check out the podcast below friends!

And seriously, subscribe to this monthly gem of a podcast. It focuses on stories from different viewpoints, and it gets me to pause and give a think on bigger questions or concepts.

Hope you enjoy friends!


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