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Winter Adventures in North Wales: The Great Orme and Snowdonia

This Boxing Day, we bundled up for a winter adventure that I just had to share with you all. The sun was shining (always a bonus in December) and we decided to head along the coast towards the Great Orme.

When we arrived at the Great Orme about an hour later, the wind was fierce and it was freezing cold but the views were literally out of this world.


The Great Orme is located as a small peninsula along the coast, between Conway and Llandudno and is a special place because it has the perfect blend of open green space, surrounded by ancient ore mines with rural farms dotted here and there. There are stone rock walls, heather shrubs, sheep and even an old stone church.

But the views, especially on a clear and sunny day, are what make the Great Orme truly special. In one direction there are views of Snowdonia, and in the other direction views of Isle of Anglesey.


Views to Snowdonia


From the Great Orme, we decided to head home back through Snowdonia… because on a clear and sunny day (even though it was freezing!), why not?

As we were driving, I saw that the light was turning this beautiful golden shade and I was hoping that we could reach the viewpoint to catch it.

Luckily enough, we made it to the viewpoint just as the sun was hitting the peaks of Snowdonia.


It was beyond a beautifully surreal moment. The vistas, the light and of course being with Neal and Freddy… my heart was wonderfully full. I couldn’t have asked for more.

We arrived home exhausted, but in the too much fresh air exhausted feeling, where all we did was light a big fire and cozy up on the couch.

Did you have any winter adventures over Christmas?


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