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Inspired by the Views of the Welsh Countryside

Hi friends….

So here we are with just days before the end of 2016, and to be honest… December has been a complete whirl. In the beginning of the month, I traveled to Liverpool, London, Edinburgh and Manchester in the span of 10 days for work. Oh, and my sister was here visiting as well.

Which wonderful, but now I’m feeling it, I’m exhausted. Not to mention the stress filled hustle and bustle of Christmas time.

But past weekend was good, as we had the chance to get out of the house for some mini-adventures for bright sunshine, rolling green hills and stunning winter sunlight. We headed out to visit Denbigh Castle, a medieval castle about 45 minutes from home.

The reason why I love visiting Denbigh? Pups can visit to, making it a great Freddy friendly day out.

We climbed the stone steps for the viewpoint, and I will tell you… the views were simply out of this world.

denbigh-castle-wales-6 denbigh-castle-wales-3

Many times in days out like this, I feel like I am standing in this surreal dream being surrounded by such natural and unspoiled beauty.  I am beyond lucky to call this beautiful country home.

Standing there, on the stones of a castle over 500 years old, is when I felt the weight being lifted from my shoulders. When I took a deep breath in, and felt the stress and exhaustion ebb away from me. At with each deep breath, I felt a little bit more grounded and renewed.

And I’ll admit it, the crazy manic schedules makes it difficult to find the creative energy to sit in front of my keyboard and create. To share my stories, my inspiration or my views on the world.

I’ve always been a storyteller, writing random thoughts in notebooks ever since I was a kid. I was the constant journal writer. I’ve always found that writing has giving comfort, a voice and better sense of me.

And really, that’s why I blog.

I blog to write, to inspire others to follow their hearts or their dreams to where they are meant to be. Over this past year, I’ve had to let go of the pressure of being a blogger who schedules my content or monetises my blog. Or let go of the idea of hosting webinars or guides, or even creating a newsletter. Maybe in time, I will get there.

But for now, I need to focus on getting my fingers on the keyboard…and just get writing.

But don’t get me wrong, if you are a reader who comes to visit my little corner of the blogging world… I love and appreciate you. I love you for popping by and spending apart of your day with me. (Thank you.)


And standing on the ruins of a castle, viewing the beautiful vista of the Welsh countryside I was inspired. I was excited. I was refreshed.

There are more stories to share, more inspiration to write about, more adventures to capture.

And for me, if this blog can continue to let me share those stories with you … my lovely, gorgeous, smart and feisty reader… than that sounds pretty divine to me.


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  • Carol

    Wow, everything looks so green! We have had about 3 feet of snow already thing year, so i’m envious!

    • 3 feet of snow?! Oh my goodness, that sounds like a winter wonderland! Snow at all is pretty rare here in Wales, we do get plenty of rain though! 😉

  • Kimberly P

    I love Wales. It is always on my list of visits to do each year. I am also an expat and I live in Northamptonshire in the East Midlands. This past year I think we came to Wales at least 3 times if not more. It is just beautiful. I’ve also begun blogging about my life here. You may like to check it out as well……I finally feel like the UK is home. WithLove, From England.

  • Hi Kimberly, thanks for your comment! Where in Wales did you visit? I am looking for ideas on guides that I can create for people visiting Wales! 🙂 It is a beautiful corner of the world for sure, I am very lucky to have landed here.

    Congrats on starting a new expat blog, welcome to the fun! I will pop over and read your story as well!

    Hope you have a Happy New Year! 🙂

  • Noral

    Belinda….I can’t remember when or how but several years ago I came across your blog..what caught my eye was your wedding picture, St Al’s! I worked in Spokane for a wedding photographer for many years and immediately recognized the location. I also have many cousins who live in Wales. So I’ve always enjoyed checking in and following your adventures! Thank you for sharing your life and keep up the good work!