Lessons in Positivity

Thankful for Sisterly Love

Today I have a lot to be thankful for…. In fact, I could write a list of all the wonderful things in my life I am grateful for… from my Neal to our cozy home or my new job. I am thankful for the freedom to speak my truth without worry, to follow my heart and spirituality without fear.

This year, like most Thanksgivings, I am also thankful for my loud and quirky family. But this year, more than any other year, I am thankful for my sisters. My childhood friends. The ones who I had adventures with, laughed with and attempted to pass blame to for chores not being done on a Saturday morning. (sorry about that!)

My sisters.



I can’t think of a single childhood memory or moment, without one or both of my sisters being there. Sure, there are the big moments – like Christmas morning or birthday celebrations, or attending the funeral of a grandparent.

But I also remember the small moments… like creating our own roller skating routines in the basement and making my Mom watch our show. Or learning how to make perfect smores on the campfire in the summers. Or how during roadtrips, how our parents had us listen to the same Bruce Springsteen cassette tape on repeat. (We knew every word!) Or creating our own family documentary on one of the most ‘memorable’ family vacations. [insert laughing emoji here.]

Those small little moments that add up to the foundation of our relationships as adults.

My sisters.


The ones who balance me out with their different traits and characteristics –but in the end we always are there for one another.

I am thankful that my younger sister is optioned and determined… who doesn’t take no for an answer. She fights for what she believes in, is brazen and head strong, smart as hell and I think it’s inspiring. There are seven years separating us, but it doesn’t seem like much now that we are closer than ever.NnvujkQTfkQXcJBD.jpg


I am thankful for my older sister, who is the definition of compassion and thoughtfulness. She observes the world around her, many times quietly, but always with a kind heart. She reminds me that sometimes it’s okay to sit back and observe and then to take action. With 18 months separating us, I don’t know the world without her in it… she has always been a constant for me.



I am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned from my sisters, lessons on thoughtfulness and following our hearts… speaking our minds and having courage.

So this Thanksgiving,  I am thankful for an ever constant presence in my life…. just like giving thanks to big skies or the sea breeze, my sisters are a vital part of my existence and my everyday life.  We haven’t always gotten along or seen eye-to-eye, but the love is there.

No matter where you are in the world, I am wishing my beloved readers a Happy Thanksgiving.  Give thanks for the wonderful constants in your life.


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