Wild & Wondrous Wales

North Wales Adventures Inspired by a Charming Vintage Guide Book

We discovered the best little gem: A North Wales and Anglesey travel guide book that dates (from what I can tell) from about the 1920’s.

Guys, this is the corner of Wales that we are constantly exploring and where most of our mini-adventures happen. This is region of Wales where the mountains of Snowdonia meet the coast, and I’ll tell you — it’s where I’ve truly fallen in love with the one of a kind country of Wales.

And to make this sweet vintage guide book even better, is that Lonely Planet recently named North Wales 4th in regions to visit in the WORLD to visit in 2017. I’ve been saying what a lovely gem North Wales is since I moved here in 2012, so it’s nice to have validation from one of the world’s leader in travel.

Be ready friends for days out inspired by a North Wales travel guide book nearly 100 years old!  I hope our little adventures inspires you to consider visiting North Wales soon, it is truly a gem tucked away in this little corner of the world.

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