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Is it just me, or does it seem to lots of negative energy swirling around?  Of course, in the forefront — grabbing center stage — is the upcoming election. The finger pointing, the name calling … it is exhausting to process and absorb, and simply makes me sad.

I thought to combat this would be to kick start one of my favorite weekly tradition of a positive post — a bright way to jump start our week.

This isn’t rocket science or overly complicated, just little moments from my day to day life, stories from around the internet or a quote or two. Consider it a little burst of sunshine, as a way to combat stress and anxiety.



Weekly Positive Inspiration

  • Endless supplies of coffee (and doughnuts) on a Saturday morning


  • Catching the morning sunrise on my way to work
  • Having a bubble bath at the end of the weekend
  • Successfully baking my first batch of pumpkin bread.
  • Dressing Freddy in more than one Halloween costume, like this gem of a taco costume:
  • Cozy fall nights with the fire blazing
  • Squeezing in a stroll on Sunday afternoon that perfectly cleared our cobwebs
  • Gorgeous, and I mean stunning, bold colors of fall everywhere

Other Inspiration…

I read this article on the Hawaiian philosophy of “Aloha” and how it is based in the idea of connecting humans to the natural world around us. (I loved this.)

Or how about 8 lessons from Mr. Rogers that still apply for adults? (Who doesn’t love Mr.Rogers? I discovered the show is streaming on Netflix a few months ago… still magical.)





Tell me friends, what is one positive moment from your last week? I’d love to hear from you! Pop a note in the comments, it’s so wonderful to create positive energy together! 

Happy Monday ya’ll and have a good week!


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