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Leaping and Jumping for Joy this Birthday

My dear sweet friends, I am not ashamed to admit it, today is my 35th birthday. (I’ve been saying that I am 35 for a few months now just to test the waters. And you know what? I feel fine….)

This birthday is especially sweet as my parents arrived yesterday for their first visit to the UK. As I was getting ready for their visit, I realised that this is the first birthday I have spent with my parents in over 10 years.

This is their first visit to the UK, so we are planning on spending time exploring North Wales plus Liverpool, Manchester and a few days in London.  Get ready for plenty of pics on Instagram!

I always use my birthday like my own personal New Year’s Eve.  A chance to re-calibrate, to set new goals and to get excited for my next journey around the sun.

My birthday always gives me a perfect chance to reflect on my past year as well.  (Can someone say blogging archives?)

This a little excerpt from last year’s birthday blog post:

This year, I also need to stop  and just go. Go for the challenge, the new passion project or the big goals. Many times I will get a crazy idea in my head, and then I pause, I rationalise…I  and many times I begin to second guess myself and my capabilities. No more. This year I am leaping.

I wanted to leap, and I did.

I went towards new challenges and directions.

I found new confidence in myself and knew that settling for second best wasn’t worth it.  I stood up for myself, and jumped towards something completely new. I embraced the idea that happiness is worth seeking and fighting for, as it keeps us afloat.

And while I was leaping towards challenges and embracing happiness, we’ve had adventures that took us around Wales, to Scotland and Rome and most recently Portugal.

The last 365 days was filled with sunsets, wild ponies, grand vistas, ferry rides in Seattle, my first concert ever, strong cups of coffee…. beer in Belgium, whisky in Scotland and port in Porto.  I experienced simple moments that unfolded into beautiful memories. We laughed, we grew and we toasted to this thing called life.

This year? My 35th year on the planet? Where do I see the next 365 days taking me?

I want to keep loving big, and embracing change with grace in my heart and a smile on my face.  To listen to my intuition, to follow my heart and have adventures that lead me near and far. To keep documenting our story, to keep learning about the world, to ask questions and to keep my arms wonderfully open wide.

And to you, my lovely readers, thanks for joining me on my next journey…



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