Lessons in Positivity

The Summer of Change

Friends, can you believe that we are already in the second week of September? Is your Facebook feed filled with pictures of kids off for their first day of school? Have you had your inguarual PSL of the season yet?

Don’t get me wrong, fall is my favorite time of year. I love the season of changes, the crisp cool air and of course– Pumpkin flavored everthing.


But, before I dive head first into luscious sweaters… I wanted to look back on this summer which could be summed up in one simple word:


At the beginning of the summer, we headed to Anglesey for the second Bank Holiday (and to celebrate our 4th anniversary).  I’ll be honest, during that weekend — I was exhausted, stressed and unhappy.  I had lost my mojo.  I was being drained by a job that I simply didn’t love anymore, and it was having me lose so much of my zip and zing.


During that weekend, we came to the decision that it would the best for me to quit and walk away. That decision was tough and stressful, but once it was made I found myself smiling — authentically smiling — once again.

But during the month of June, as I worked through my notice period I found myself feeling nervous and wondered (more than once) if I had made the right decision or not.  I had a few doubts, but my aim was to stay positive and hustle during the job hunt.

I met with multiple recruiters, I polished my CV and applied for role after role… all while trying to figure out my next step. Then, after a series of very fortunate events, (an unsuccessful interview leading to an interview at the same company but for a different role) I found myself with a formal offer the day before my last day at work.

(Can someone say perfect, ideal timing? Thank you Universe.)

The month of July was dedicated to creating space between my two roles, clear my head and gear up for my next professional challenge.  A week in the Scottish highlands was part of the plan. For a week, Neal and I mad our way around with classic paper maps, snacked in the car, listened to Spotify non-stop and stopped whenever our hearts desired. With the exception of our AirBnB bookings, we had no plans — we just went where the roads took us.

It was wonderful memory making and the big Scottish Highlands were the perfect way to clear the cobwebs.

Two days after our week in Scotland, I was America bound for a last minute trip to Seattle.  This short (but very sweet) trip allowed me to catch up with my people, my tribe….and it gave me a perfect boost I needed before starting my new job. It was a trip filled with the good stuff: I held new babies.. I drank wine with friends…I walked the markets of Seattle … I felt the wind on my face during a ferry ride … ah, good stuff.


I landed back in Manchester on a Friday, then Monday the 1st August, I was thrown into my brand new role. No more digital marketing, instead I am now working in a product role for a software development company. It’s beyond different, but I am feeling challenged without massive anxiety (and yes, there is a difference).
This summer has reminded me of the important lesson I learned four years ago when I first move to Wales:

Embrace change with grace.

Friends, change is a part of life. Change is always around the corner — the ebb and flow — for everyone.   The true test is how we handle it.  We can drag our heels, make excuses and potentially place blame on others. Or we can learn to embrace change, with big open and loving arms.


So here’s to my  summer of change.  A summer that is bookmarked with two trips away, where I gained clarity: the Isle of Anglesey and Portugal. One where I felt anxiety and stress; and the other just recently at the end of the summer where I feel excited for all that is on the horizon.


And now that I’ve gotten my creative mojo and energy back, I am excited to be writing here on the blog more. Be on the look out for expat musings, adventures in Wales and recaps of Scotland and Porto.

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