Lessons in Positivity

When it’s okay to quit…

Many times, we are told not to quit or not to give up. Ever since being very little, we are told the stories of not giving up, no matter what obstacle or challenge. To keep fighting on, and ‘powering’ through. We plod on, fighting the good fight…but if our heart isn’t in the fight we can quickly start to feel defeated or sad or uncommitted. And then, when our heart isn’t in the cause or fight, it makes the accumulated stress of the ongoing fight not really worth it.

We are told that quitting is bad, so we soldier on. Allowing stress and anxiety to build, which eventually impacts our energy, personal lives and the light we contribute to the world.

What if? Just what if, instead of soldiering on we followed our heart of hearts, when it is truly okay to move forward and on?

What if quitting can liberate our hearts and our spirits? What if letting go of what drains our energy allows us to be open to new fulfilling avenues?

What if quitting is empowering, rather than defeating?

A month ago, I walked away from a job that at one point I loved. A job that challenged me, fulfilled me and one I saw myself in for years to come. I loved my team, and I looked forward to heading to work everyday. But in the past year, the role changed and evolved to a job that gave me stress and anxiety on a daily basis. I was losing a part of who I am, and what I am made of.

I had to walk away to maintain my happiness and health while improving my beloved personal relationships.

I quit to be happier, to feel more fulfilled and redefine my path.

And you know what? So far, so good. I am happier, and less stressed….and I see the chance to create a better real-life balance for myself.

My advice to anyone struggling with the ‘good fight’: It’s okay to quit: if you’ve tried your hardest with no improvement. When you have given it your all. When your heart simply isn’t in the cause.

Let go.

Walk away and walk towards a new challenge or opportunity.

Love you friends!


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