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Be in Pursuit of Happiness

On this date, in 1776 a group of rebels signed their declaration of independence from the King of England because they knew that they deserved better and fair treatment. Signing their names, if they had lost the Revolutionary War, would have meant treason and potentially death.  It was a risk, but they believed was worth for the end result: true freedom and independence. These men stood up for what they truly believed in to create a country founded in democratic principles and ideals.

Now that I live in the UK, the 4th of July has evolved to take on a much greater meaning… The holiday symbolises our Amercian quest for:

“life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness…”

The pursuit of happiness, like chasing a rainbow or a unicorn, is a tough one to grasp.  Happiness many times can be just out reach, but it is up to us to find it (and define it) for ourselves.

Happiness is really and simply up to us.  Surrounding ourselves with people and things (and even pups) that fill us with joy.  Jotting down moments of gratitude.  Being present in the moment.  And sometimes, it’s important ot acknowledge when we are not happy — when we are not following our true light or calling, and that’s when we need to make a change.  When we need to declare that we deserve more joy and light and happiness in our lives.

2016-07-03 20.58.21Yes!

Let’s be in pursuit of happiness, to take risks and be brave and follow where our hearts may take us.  This idea of the pursuit of happiness is on the forefront of my mind this week, as this is my last week in my current role. I am heading off for new challenges, all with the idea continuing to pursue wonderful happiness.

Wishing all of my readers, in every corner of the world, a safe and happiness filled 4th of July.


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