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Be More Like Bill

Over the weekend, the world lost a wonderous, creative and passionate spirit in Bill Cunningham who passed away Saturday night at the age of 87. Bill Cunningham was the passionate photographer out on the streets of NYC, photographing styles and fashion of everyday women to celebrities. For decades, he roamed around the streets of New York, photographing street style, following his instinct along the way. Bill Cunningham lived with wonderful passion and love, a pure zest as a photographer.  Bill Cunningham was unassuming, wearing the same blue jacket everyday and zipping around NYC on his bicycle.

He had a perfect eye for detail… in understanding sense of style to his weekly editorial layout in the New York Times.   I watched the documentary Bill Cunnningham New York  a few years ago,  ever since I have been in love — with his energy and his passion and his keen eye on the world.

I shared the story with one of the designers in my agency, and after she watched the documentary made little photo of Bill with the very simple phrase:

“Be more like Bill.”

That simple little reminder followed me as I moved desks (three times) and now leaving my current agency, I packed up this token and I have placed this reminder in my office as a daily reminder to follow my passions.

And trust me, as I am now jumping into a brand new (yet to be determined) career, it’s good to have the everyday visual reminder that everyday is so important to follow my passion and directed by what gives me joy.  All of us should be a bit more like Bill Cunningham, lit by creative inspiration and pure passion for life.


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