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Listening to My Inner Cave Woman and Taking a Leap

For those long time readers, you may have noticed that my energy has dipped a bit over the last few months.  Or that many of my Friday posts have started with how unhappy or stressed I’ve been feeling.  Week after week.  Month after month.  I have been losing my energy and zest for the magical everyday because of the stress and anxiety I carry with current job.  I’ve powered through. I fought on, and kept trying… but I was lying to myself.

You see, for months,  I haven’t been listening to myself and to my intuition.

Only recently have I stopped and listened to my intuition really really carefully.

I believe we have intuition for a reason: to survive. Back when we were living in caves, we knew to use our intuition to keep us save and protect us from harm.  We used our intuition to run from dangers that could cause harm, like a bear or a T-Rex. (Okay, maybe not a T-Rex, but dangers none the less.)  When our cave women ancestors felt danger or harm, they used the power of initiation to find a safer, healthier and many times happier place.

I have done the same now.

I have taken the leap and decided to go for a calculated risk.  I am following my intuition and leaving behind my safe job for a whole new landscape of challenges and opportunities. And you know what? I couldn’t be more excited / thrilled /motivated at the idea.


And then my thoughts drift a bit to the Sistine Chapel (yes, really).  You see, when we were in Italy and were visiting the Vatican Museums, we had the audio tour throughout the museum.  When we arrived in the Sistine Chapel, there were at least 10 audio lessons telling the story of the chapel.  There I stood, fighting vertigo, listening to the powerful symbology of the chapel.  Of all the memorable facts, one that stood out to me was about the famous painter Michelangelo.  You see, when Michelangelo was commissioned to paint the ceiling, he was a famous sculptor not a painter… the Sistine Chapel was his first painting commission! Plus, when he painted the great ceiling he was 35 years old.

Vatican Museum Paintings

I walked away feeling inspired and even awakened a bit. My path isn’t defined by the role I am currently in, but filled with opportunities to come up with the next great challenge. And no, I am not comparing myself to the great Michelangelo instead I am posing the question that he took on a major challenge without knowing if he’d be successful, and he beautifully rose to the occasion.  That’s pretty inspiring, don’t you think?

So here we go friends, to following our intuition and to taking a leap and simply going for it.  Sorry for the radio silence over the past few weeks, but I am hoping the magic and energy will be heading back to this creative space soon.


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