Lessons in Positivity

Weekly Affirmation & Grateful Moments // Positive Monday Moment

Hi friends, it’s 9pm on a Monday.  I’m tired.  I’ve had an exhausting day, and it looks like it’s going to be an exhausting week ahead.  Normally, I would pour of big ol’ glass of wine and crawl back into bed. But not tonight, we need to write some gratitude and talk about weekly affirmation.

(Okay, who are we kidding, this post is fueled by wine.)

From last week, here are a few moments that I have truly grateful for….

  • The gorgeous spring blooms are still killing me, they are beyond lush.
  • We are making travel plans for August to meet up with friends who are traveling to Spain and Portugal, and we will meet them in Seville for a few days. (And I am so excited!)
  • The weather actually feels like summer.   The mornings are actually mild, the skies are bright blue and the days are wonderfully long.
  • Loving my latest read, Everyone Brave is Forgiven, a historical novel set in London in 1940 by Chris Cleeve … one of my favorite authors.
  • Attempting 5:30am yoga– okay, so I only did this once last week, but it was wonderful.  I have to get my ass out of bed early this week for another balance session.
  • Over the weekend, we headed to the beach… (yes!) and we had beautiful views in all directions. I was truly grateful of having the big green space  and stunning views.  (I’ll try to post on our adventure soon!)


Affirmation Time Baby 

Last week, my affirmation was all about letting go of worries.  I set two alarms to remind me to pause and take a break.  For this week, it’s all about perspective:

I choose to find hopeful and optimistic ways to look at change.

This affirmation for me is all about the changes that are swirling professionally around me. If I can be positive and optimistic, good energy will come my way.

Have you tried affirmations? Did it work for you last week?

May you all have a blessed and happy and fulfilled week!  Let’s find moments where we can pause, reflect, give ‘thanks’ and continue to grow. **Virtual high five lovelies!**



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