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Weekly Affirmation & Things I Love // Positive Monday Moment

Good Monday morning friends! How was your weekend?

My weekend was wonderfully spent in the sunshine, diving into my latest reads specifically Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling.  Guys, this book is all about finding the magic in the everyday, the stuff of sequins and disco balls, the get up and dance, ‘Yes!’ stuff about life.  And I will tell you, as I have felt in a funk for a few weeks, reading this book is perfect timing.TXebHM0Epjr9N6Sa.jpg

One section of the book is all about finding (and making) happiness in everyday life in the single moment, and one of the best ways to reach happiness is to practice constant gratitude. I know that I’ve spoken about gratitude in the past, but I fell out of habit about writing and expressing my weekly gratitude. I want to change that with weekly posts on Mondays sharing simple moments of gratitude, to help keep it all in perspective.

Another point Gala makes in the book is the power of positive affirmations. How saying a positive affirmation, outloud over and over, will help to create positive mental attitude, build happiness and help to shape the day. (Again, to this I say, “Yes!”)

So, weekly I want to share a few moments of gratitude plus an affirmation I will be using in my day to day life for the week. I am hoping that if it helps me with guidance and positive energy, it may help you too.

Are you with me?

Here we go, a few moments of simple gratitude….


In Bloom



The cherry trees by our house look like big fluffs of cotton candy and I love it.  Each day the blooms become more and more prominent, filling the sky with cheery blossoms that brighten my walk to work or even better, my walk home from the bus. We also have lovely lilacs that are just starting to bloom, and it is like strolling through a garden on a daily basis.

Peony Season


Guys, I love peonies. I love the bold colors, the volume from the blooms… and let’s be honest how girly the flowers are.  We are now in the magical (and sometimes short) peony season and I am in heaven. I snagged this bunch for my desk yesterday and they are simply perfect.

Anniversary Getaway

At the end of the month the UK is treated to another Bank Holiday (which happens the same weekend as our 4th anniversary) so on a whim I looked to see if I could find a last minute dog-friendly AirBnB cottage for the weekend.  And to my surprise, I found a lovely little spot on the Isle of Anglesey minutes from our favorite beach, Newbourgh.  This allows us the perfect spot for days at the beach or exploring some local spots.


Yoga in the Backyard

Yesterday morning I grabbed my yoga mat and struggled through a beginner’s session of yoga.  Although it was awkward as hell and I am glad that Freddy was the only witness to my unbalanced performance — it felt good to stretch and find balance.  Another awesome, ‘Yes’ moment!

Affirmation Time Baby 

For my weekly affirmation, I want to focus on accepting change with grace so for this week I my affirmation will be:

I let go of worries that drain my energy.

Guys, this is a big affirmation for me.  If I can remind myself to let go of worries that eat at my energy, will reduce my daily stress and anxiety without question. I am planning on setting a few calendar alerts during the day where the affirmation will pop up to remind me to focus and keep my affirmation front and center.
Happy Monday my lovelies, and may you have an inspired week!

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