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Beep Beep! // Advice on Getting Around Rome

Neal and I are big believers of using public transportation when traveling. It’s efficient and is budget friendly, plus if it’s good enough for the residents it is good enough for me. (Am I right?)

We have navigated NYC, London, Paris, Brussels and now Rome all on local public transportation and I’ve found that it allows us to experience the city much better than a tour bus or a Hop on Hop Off Bus.

Here are my thoughts on getting around Rome, via public transportation:

There are three different tourist passes: 24, 48 or 72-hour passes which are good for all buses, metros and trams allowing you fantastic access around the city center of Rome. Although the metro lines are fairly limited, the bus options is pretty extensive…covering all of the main spots on your Rome bucket list. The pass is a great way of getting the most for your travel budget, plus it is also great having a back up option when your feet are just too tired to keep walking.

The 72-hour pass is only €18, and we found that once we had purchased the pass we used the public transport to head to a sightseeing spot, and then we walked back to our hotel. It was an ideal transportation back up, and we easily got the value for the passes.

The pass is valid from the first time you use it, either on the bus or metro. Once the pass is validated for the first time, that is when the clock starts ticking. So, it’s worth planning on when you want to get the pass and activate it, to make the most of the block of time. For example, if your first morning is at the Vatican Museum activate your pass after the visit for best use of time.

We bought our pass at one of the official information kiosks, but you can also buy the pass at main bus stations or even at the airport.  {For all you planner out there, here is a list of where you can find the official tourist kiosks throughout Rome.}

When we arrived in Rome, downloaded the ATAC app, which allowed us to pre-plan our route into the city or while we were out exploring, we would hop on to Wifi we were able to quickly find out the best return journey. If you are heading to Rome, I would recommend downloading the app in advance and checking your journey before leaving for the day.
Here are a few screenshots of the app, we found it so helpful planning best routes for the day! 

Overall, we found the transportation system in central Rome to be efficient, reliable and clean… a perfect solution for any Roman holiday!

Tell me, have you used public transportation in Rome or in other cities? What advice would you give to a new traveler wanting to use public transport?


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