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Seek the Awe

I’ve believe that many times in our digital life, we can be overly connected with every device under the sun from our tablets to our phones. We like stories or videos, heart photos on Instagram or share news stories across Facebook or Twitter.

Even as we are so connected with the world around us, many times we can become disconnected with what moves us or gives us real world wonderful inspiration.

When we look up from our screens and devices, we can find inspiration around every single corner… we just need to be a less cynical and a little more open to the awe.

I am now on a mission, To Seek the Awe, in my everyday moments.

The moments where you go, ‘Wow.”. Where you feel humbled, inspired or simply left wondering. The moment of awe can give perspective for your personal place in the world. The moments that help to understand the scale of the power of the human spirit.

When we were in Rome, I found myself constantly in awe and feeling inspired. The city and sights were simply beautiful and stunning, that I was wonderfully mesmerised. The art. The culture. The simplicity and scale of beauty. The history.

Around every corner, at every turn, I was allowing myself to feel the power of awe. Jaw dropping, mesmerizing, wonder-filled awe.


When we returned back to Wales, and since we’ve had mini-adventures along the coast, I allowed myself experience awe once again. As we explored Snowdonia or the beaches of Wales, I was inspired by the sheer beauty and scale.

How about two very sunsets, one in Wales and one in Rome, both beautiful and both inspiring….

See you don’t have to travel to Rome or Wales to find wonderful moments of awe and inspiration. Oh no. The best thing about a moment of awe, is they are everywhere… if we keep our eyes open.

Bright colours of a sunrise or sunset. Ocean waves breaking on the coast. The view ontop of a mountain summit. A city skyline at twilight. Detailed mosaics or carvings that took incredible skill to complete. Cherry blossoms in bloom. Stainglass window with light streaming through.

The power of awe is everywhere. ย If we disconnect a little more from our devices and connect more to the wonderful world around us, we can welcome inspiration to our everyday life.

Let’s seek the awe in the everyday together. Let’s appreciate the wonder and the magic of our awe-inspiring moments!


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