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Celebrating Super Hero Capes on International Women’s Day


Well hello my lovely readers, and Happy International Women’s Day.

Empowerment. Growth. Carving our own paths. Being fearless and strong.  I am beyond lucky and blessed to have been raised by a strong family of women, my mom and aunts… and have collectively worked (or currently working with) independent, smart and badass women.  (you know who you are!)

Even with all of the advancement and positive change, there is still plenty of areas of the world that still need empowerment of young girls around the world through education and opening the doors of opportunity. Curious what education looks like for girls around the world? I simply loved these 50 images from around the world showing girls heading to school. Education is the great and powerful equaliser, no matter what corner of the world we reside.  And there are little things we can do, like supporting amazing nonprofit organisations or even donating books or supplies  to local school programmes.

There is also the great need to share positive role models of scientists or doctors or engineers.  Women who are challenging and curious and ask questions. Women who are happy mothers, thoughtful professors and caring teachers.  Women who bend the norms and even look to break the norm, bit by bit.

**Virtual high five my friends!**

How about this fantastic video of 100 years of incredible women…

And here are a few inspirational go-get ’em quotes from women that make me want to be a bit of a super hero:



Keep on rocking those super hero capes loves!


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