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A Reminder to Make Time to Connect

I came across this short little video, that I just had to share with you all. It asks the simple question:

If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive who would you choose?

The adults say names of celebrities or historical figures, followed by the kids who had a surprising set of answers…

Sure, this is a sly little video as brand awareness video or commercial even still I simply love the message. Making time for the family dinner. Watching this short video reminded me of the time my family spent around the dining table growing up.

You see, when we were growing up, my parents had a standing rule: family dinner, with no distractions, every night together.

Every night. Every single night.

I remember being a moody teenager, feeling that the dinners were silly or even a waste of time. I would roll my eyes and try to come up with excuses to not make dinner, but Mom didn’t care.  She would wait, keep the dinner warm, and then rally my two sisters and Dad for a good ol’ fashioned family dinner.

Our evening dinners were filled with conversations and debates. Of laugher and story telling. Of connecting and sharing our day.

Even when we are back in Seattle, some of my favorite memories are when we casually gather around the dinner table for hours of catching up.

So let’s plan more dinners with our friends and family, to make memories and celebrate everyday victories. To toast one another and reconnect while digitally disconnected.

Tell me, who would you opt to have dinner with? I have to say, even now, I would love to be transported to a family dinner with all of us around the table together.





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