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Learning to Cut Myself Some Slack

How many times do I start a Friday post by saying…

It’s been manic.

I’ve juggled non-stop this week.

It’s been hectic and crazy and stressful.

I’ve had to really hustle this week.

When I start to think about it, that is my weekly trend: juggling, multitasking, putting out fires and bringing the powerful combination of hustle and heart to the table. And the stress, multitasking or the need to hustle isn’t going anywhere. In fact, now that I am in a brand new team, handling the unexpected is part of my day to day role. It is all part of the joys of working in an ever changing digital marketing agency.

What I do have control over is how I feel and what I say ‘Yes’ to. I am one of those typical people pleasers, wanting to make everyone happy at all times. I find myself overcommitting my 40 hour work week, impacting my time in the evenings or the weekend. I think and fret about how I’ve let someone down, by trying to meet a million and one other deadlines or tasks.

I hate the idea of thinking I’ve let someone down.

This is what causes me stress and frustration, because (as you can imagine) it is humanly impossible. I need to cut myself a break, I can’t keep volunteering myself… my talents, my insight, my skills…at every pass. Selfishly, I need to keep my mental and emotional well-being in context to prevent me from feeling pulled in every single direction.

However, I also need to be thoughtful of what keeps me inspired and motivated. For example, this blog. Time and time again, I return to this space to write, to dream, to story tell or to vent…and that creative freedom gives me an outlet to clear my cobwebs a bit. In fact, I am writing this post Friday morning before heading to work in a Starbucks (with a venti skinny 4 shot almond latte) to give me a boost of creative juju before heading to the office.

Of course, our day adventures around North Wales — away from technology and wifi, gives me a literal breath of fresh air I need to recalibrate and recharge. More often than not, I don’t even care about where we go… on the weekends. Just getting out of the house sounded by views and vistas bigger than me help to keep it all in perspective.

I need to stay creative with how I am using time to allow myself to be surrounded by inspiration with time to recharge, so when I do come for a little magic making at work I am fighting fit.

Tell me friends, how do you keep yourself recharged? What do you add to your daily routine to help keep your mojo up?

Happy weekend-ing friends!


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