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A Little Treasure Hunting Leads to a Love Story

I love hunting down treasures, in vintage shops or charity stores. I scour the shelves, the bins… every little nook and cranny for objects that are looking for a new home. In our treasure hunting outings, I’ve seen it all: tea pots, giled mirrors, gorgrous chandilers, beautiful brooches, unique prints and more. And although I want to take it all home with me, I simply don’t have the space! [A girl can dream, right] That means, when I am treasure hunting I have to be selective and thoughtful, looking for the piece that really sing a story to me or even give me a bit of inspiration.

A few weeks ago, we were out and about in a nearby town of Whitchurch, where I stumbled upon a lovely little shop filled to the absolute brim with perfect little treasures.

Among these treasures was an entire shelf of commemorative royal mugs and cups. These mugs are traditionally issued at the coronation of kings or queens, weddings or anniversarys. I love these mugs. I am always on the hunt for a special or old mug to add to my collection…. and imagine my delight when I discovered a little cup commerating the coronation of King Edward VIII in 1937. I loved finding this mug for three reasons, it is nearly 80 years old, it is incredibly rare and there is a bit of a love story behind it.lfkovfYujmKQBd0n.jpg

You see after King Edward VIII became king, he fell in love with an America heiress Wallis Simpson who he wanted to marry. Eventually he gave up his crown, abdicating it to George VI, the reigning Queen’s father.

Having this little piece of British history in my hand has me wonder about this woman Wallis Simpson… her love story with a king and the how he decided to give it all up for each other.

I am now slightly obsessed, and I plan on reading biographies to learn more about this love story that impacted modern British history. This is beyond geeky I know, but I love diving into history as I am inspired by finds in our treasure hunts.

Tell me friends, do you ever go vintage shop or treasure hunting?  What is one of your favorite finds?


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