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Castles and Coasts: An Everyday Adventure in Wales

A few weeks ago, we were lucky to have a Sunday morning filled with beautiful and bright sunshine.  And of course, in our true fashion, we headed out with no plans or agenda.  As we were driving along, we came up with the plan to head out to one of Neal’s favorite spots: Denbigh Castle.


Now, Denbigh Castle, isn’t a huge castle.  In fact, you can walk around the site in about 20-30 minutes.  It’s mostly ruins with a field in the center.  From almost every turn, the views are simply wonderful… lush and green. The castle is a lovely spot that is located around lush green fields and pastures.


And even better, Freddy can join in for the day out!


After we explored Denbigh Castle, we drove another 45 minutes and arrived at one of the nearby beaches. And again, I was in my happy place: Beautiful beach views, a happy Freddy and of course Neal by my side.

And in that moment, I felt simply content and so incredibly lucky.  Lucky to have so many beautiful and soul-filling places we can visit and explore.  Happy to have adventures on our horizon, and to have laughter surrounding us.  And I stood on the beach, and I let the gratitude sweep over me.  I had a full out… happy and calm moment. {YASS!}

When we find ourselves feeling grateful or a moment sheer happiness, step back and let it all soak in.  The goodness of it all. The simplicity of it all. The simple and perfect joy.

So, here we go…with enjoying our adventures in Wales or whatever lovely corner of the world you are in. Virtual high five friends!




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