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The Powerful Scent of Home

I am always amazed at what triggers a moment of reminding me of home.  For me,  I find that all five of my senses can trigger a reminder of a memory or moment.  I remember when I first move to Wales, and I attempted to bake my Mom’s banana bread recipe and the smell of the bread baking in the oven actually brought me to tears.

The sense of smell is powerful when it comes to memories which is why I loved this sweet little video sharing the story of homeowners moving from their long-time home.  At the end of the video they are presented with a tailor-made scent reflecting their home of decades.

Guys, I simply love this idea.  Capturing those memories, those moments in a perfectly blended fragrence.  How magical.

If I were to have a candle created that reminds me of home, it would have to include freshly mowed grass, fresh rain (hello Washington!), lialac from Mom’s tree, evergreen trees from the Olympics and seawater from the Puget Sound.  I am a Pacific Northwest girl through and through.

What would your fragrance include?


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