Life is Good Positive Vibes


Hi friends, I know that this blogging space has been quiet over the past few weeks and I am really and truly sorry. The weeks leading up to our trip to America (as I imagined) were manic and crazy and just a bit stressful.  We flew to Seattle last Friday, were sice arriving it has been a whirlwind in all the best possible ways.

I have held my best friend’s newborn baby.  I have looked through another best friend’s wedding photos, and relive her day through memories.  I have laugh alot, caught up on a million memories and reinvested in some very special relationships.  I have been able to reconnect with my tribe, and for that I am beyond grateful.



For me, being grateful, is the feeling of appreciatation, of feeling calm and really at peace.   As you are happy and content, in the moment with where you are and where you are heading.  Being grateful and having gratitude gives me a sense of feeling grounded and with a true sense of purpose.

So this Thankgiving, find a moment to give thanks.  To feel gratitude, in the depths of your being.  To be in the moment, unplugged and present.  Connect with your tribe.  Laugh and toast and catchup.

Happy Thanksgiving my loves. May you have wonderful moments of gratitude over the next few days.


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