Positive Vibes

Positive Intentions

You may remember in Friday’s post that I am trying to do daily meditation (even for a short period of time) to help build my focus and mindfulness. I have been using the app Relax which is helps to create guided meditation based on our emotion frame of mind. (Even better the app is free, with no subscription and any in app purchase helps a non-profit supporting meditation with teens.)

One guided meditation that I had recently was so interesting that I had to quickly jot ideas in a notebook right after the meditation. The meditation was all about intention, and what kind of results we can expect by our original energy.

The guide meditation explained that you can’t plan an apple tree and expect oranges, and the same is with our personal energies and intentions. We can’t plan negative intention in our day-to-day life and except a positive outcome. (Yes!)

It was perfectly summed up as:

Negative intention will not yield a positive result.

But, I also believe the alternative. That positive intention will not yield negative results. Through positive energy and optimism, eventually the positive results will follow. Many times it may not be the perfect path or what we had envisioned, but if we continously bring positive intention as a solution, the end results will mirror what was invested.

This can be how we approach our relationships: with family or friends, with our partners or even at work. If we are consistenly investing positive intention, our relationships will continue to grow and be nurished. This includes, of course, our relationship with ourselves.

Our intention, either positive or negative, will help to shape the results in a week, a month or years to come.

What will your intention be this week? Let’s aim to invest with positive intention, step by step, even when we have stress or manic moments. How does that sound to you? Happy Monday my loves!



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