Positive Vibes

Celebrating Small Victories


I can hardly believe that it’s Monday. This past weekend, I have been battling a head cold which always seems to hit me when the seasons change. So a head cold has kept me snuggled up in bed while watching Netflix documentaries. And I have to admit, I am not really ready for this week. Nope, not at all.

So how do we face the week when we are not really ready to get underway? Simple:


You know those small moments, that I mean:

Arriving to work on time, having a good night sleep, savouring that perfect cup of coffee, rocking the perfect pair of heels, having a moment of laughter, dancing with your beloved in the kitchen, misty morning walks or listening to music that makes you dance.

Small moments. Small victories. And once you recognize one victory or moment, then you’ll notice another and another… From there, it’s easy to build confidence and help to hit some positive strides.

When I focus on the small victories my week just clips right by and everything happens in strides.

Tell me, how do you celebrate your small victories? One fun way, is to join me for my new weekly Fri-YAY linkup! I’ve been blogging every single Friday, that I thought it would be fun to have my wonderful readers join in. The Idea is to share our victories and our weekly wins with one another, in a fun easy breezy linkup!

I hope you can join me on Friday, and here’s to celebrating our victories this week!


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