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Ignoring the Whispers of Self Doubt

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Have you ever noticed that how sometimes, without prompting or thought, we can be our biggest critics? We can stop ourselves from achieving more or even believing in ourselves.

Sometimes, we can get little whispers in our heads saying that you are not enough. Not good enough. Not brave enough. Or smart enough. Or not enough drive or ambition. Just not enough of something. And that can stop us in our tracks, because many times the fear of failure can be more debilitating than never trying. Then over time, the lack of action many times makes it difficult to even try to get started. I can be a pretty vicious cycle of hesitation and self-doubt.

When we listen (and give in) to these whispers we are giving up a bit of our personal power. Because normally, those whispers come from a deep place of self doubt and anxiety rather a holistic place of healing and hope.

How do we stop being our own critic? Well, first things first, we need to stop listening to those crappy whispers of doubt when they rise up. The second, we need to remember that we are successful simply by trying, and if we make mistakes in the process it’s okay….as long as we learn from them.

I spotted this video on Upworthy earlier this week where participants were asked to rated themselves (and their success) on a scale from 1-10. Many of the participants were overly self critical, giving lower scores. Then a friend or family member rated the success of the participant, on the same scale. And the results were wonderful high scores of 10 and 11.

When I watched this video, it brought two points perfectly clear:

  1. Many times, we can be our biggest critic when really we should be our biggest fans. We allow self doubt cloud the truly good stuff we’ve achieved and all that is on our horizon.
  2. All of us has someone who believes in us. Each and every single one of us has at least one cheerleader (if not plenty more).

So the next time you are feeling unsure or are hearing a bit of those whispers of self-doubt or not being “enough” of something…. call one of your cheerleaders and get a pep talk. Then, jump into a little action and know no matter what the outcome it is a step in a positive direction.

I also realized that this video is connected to a campaign that is petitioning to change the official definition of success based on wealth to one based on happiness and relationships. And for each signature, $.50 is donated to the Dress for Success organization. Redefine success and help an empowering organisation? I can get behind that.

Here we go friends! Let’s stop listening to our doubts and insecurities, and go forward knowing we have cheerleaders who will give support when we need it!


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