Positive Vibes

Finding Your Sparkle

Hello my dear sweet friends!

Have you ever thought about what makes you, well you? The little quirks of your personality or what gives you a bit of fire? For me, those quirks are really what sets us apart makes us feel special and different… these are our moments of sparkle.

These are moments when we feel our best, we are at the top of our game and we feel (simply stated) amazing. It’s fist pumping, moon-walk dancin’, high five feeling g-o-o-d. Ain’t no stopping you!

But then, we have to muck through life with errands, dirty dishes, laundry, tideious tasks at work or a never ending to-do list that doesn’t set our hearts on fire.

And yes, my friends this happens to me all the time. It’s tough to sparkle when you are dealing with shitty situations or not-so fun problems. How do we keep the sparkle even through its a bit on the boring side, until we have another moment when we are feelin at the top?

My method is pretty simple:

I fake it, till I believe it.

Need a little boost or additional sparkle? Pretend that whatever you are working on is the best thing ever. Excel spreadsheets. Yes! Data collection? YES! Weeding the front garden? Sure, why not! If you pretend (even for a few moments) that you are lovin’ it, your brain will eventually believe you and play along.

I try this tactic easily a few times a week, and it helps to boost my mood and reduce my stress whenever I am about to start a not so fun project or task.

Here we go friends! Let’s make the first week of September (!) full of SPARKLE! Mwah!


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