High Five for Fridays!

Adding a Bit of Love and Compassion

Hello my sweet friends, and happy Friday to you! How was your week? Did you lead with passion and heart? Did you have a little pep in your step?

I have to tell you this week was manic, but manic good. This week, my team launched a website that we have been working on for months, and I love and I am really proud of. {curious? Check out the site here.} On days when we are launching a big site, I wear my lucky jewellery and only bring positive energy into the room. And then, through web development magic, a brand new website is live at the end of the day and it always makes me so incredibly happy and proud.

And this week with a little magic, is reason enough for me for a little Friday selfie:

But although I am feeling a bit light on my feet this week, I still have a bit of a heavy heart. I normally don’t share political or pesonal beliefs here on the blog, but I have to tell you that the shootings of the two journalists in Virgina this week has made me feel devestated. And now that I am living in the United Kingdom, I feel like an outsider looking in. I am in disbelief and I have sadness around my heart. Even more so, that here in UK where gun ownership is minimal and with very strict regulations, it is difficult to explain the right ot bear arms to my British co-workers. They simply don’t understanding having access to these types of weapons. They don’t understand why we would need access to semi-automatic or automatic guns. And as I stand in my office, I can’t really give them a reason why.

Churches. Schools. Movie theatres. The morning news. Places we would all deem to be safe have been infiltrate by gun violence, and simply stated it breaks my heart and leaves me a little bit at a loss.

And, I will say this, I am just one little blogger in North Wales and I have no real ideas or suggestions for solutions… except one: Love one another. I know that sounds simple, and maybe a little basic, but the more love and care we infuse into the world the better the energy will be. If we care for one another, we are more positive, appreciative, grateful and love filled which is better than anger or fear anyday of the week. (In my humble opinion.) Have compassion for each other.  Unplug and engage with the world.

So there you go.  My simple answer to a tragic and heartbreaking problem, more love and more compassion.

Happy Friday and weekend-ing my friends, make magic!


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  • Sarah Beth

    I never give my opinion of gun control because it’s a very unpopular opinion where I live. Middle of hunting central in Minnesota. But I think having more control over guns would solve SO MUCH. If you have a clean background and want to hunt, go register for a gun and you should be fine. Don’t have a clean background? Well, guess no deer hunting for you. I just don’t understand why such a large part of this country freaks out at the mere mention of “gun control”. I just don’t….

  • Honestly, just do not understand the gun laws in the USA. Walked into Walmart and picked up some ammo just before going to a range to shoot some guns when I was there earlier. But I was flawed that I could go from picking up some groceries to a gun in the same freaking store. All that said, I had more fun than I thought I would shooting a range of guns, but after doing that, can not for the life of me ever think about pointing any of those at a person.