Positive Vibes

Less Worries. More Magic.

Sometimes, we need to make our own magic.  We need to enter a room with our head and heels high, and impress the hell 0ut of everyone there.  We have ideas.  We have solutions.  We have answers.   And typically while we are making our own magic, we are also fighting fires, keeping the peace amongst the team and juggling left – right and center.  (Does this sound familar to anyone else out there, or is it just me? )  In my world, when it rains it is more like a monsoon.

To best handle the storm, I create an attack plan for making the most of my week and the best chance for creating magic rather than feel overwhelmed.  Are you ready for a few of my steps for this week?

  1. Prepare: I have prepped my lunches in advance (hello salad-in-jar!), meaning I will able to eat healthy lunches without worrying in the morning.  One less thing to think about.
  2. Breathe: I have 3 or 4 meditation apps on my phone, which I am planning on using during my lunch to get a bit of mental clarity as much as possible.
  3. Make Lists: Each morning, before work gets started, I sit and I make a detailed to-do list.  This of course shift and changes during the day and week, but there is something about writing the list  (on paper) that feels so much more defined than on any app.
  4. Sleep it Off: I am believer of the magic of a good night’s sleep, and this is even more important during a manic busy week. I aim to be in bed (ideally tech free) no later than 10pm. From there, I may even add a sound effect or two to help me dose off.

Of all these steps for getting ready for a manic busy week, I will still get stressed out.  I know I will.  I worry about projects, deadlines and budgets… I take everything so seriously (and sometimes too personally) that if impacts my life outside of the office.  That my friends is not an ideal side effect. No, not at all.

So, I am using this quote about worrying in the front of my mind:


Instead of worrying, I will combat stress with action and proactive spirit. I’ll try to stay focused and in turn create more magic.

Are you with me? Let’s make more magic this week, while worrying a little less (if possible!).  I look forward to see how you did when we check in on Friday! Here we go!



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